A. Rich is fast NHRA 1000cc Pro Stock snowmobile mph record 160.50 mph (nobody close)
B.Hillclimb champ with the fastest XP 800 203 horsepower with a SINGLE pipe
C.Power adder racers: Rich has beat most of them with an all motor sled
2.WIVES and GIRLFRIENDS : Husbands and boyfriends buy Rich's products every time they purchase a new Polaris or Ski-Doo
3.Other aftermarket companies: Over 17,000 dyno development runs puts  Rich's products  at the front
4.ISR: Rich raises the bar with SHCRA(snowmobile hill climb race association) www.shcra  bringing new racers and youth into the sport, races at major ski slopes, common sense rules, amateur classes and prestige for the Pros ( professional website and higher purses)
5.Amsnow racing forum INTERNET THUGS : The negative people to the sport blasted the internet hoping Rich and SHCRA would fail. In 2 short years the SHCRA success  has silenced them and brought the fun factor back to racing.  The competitors are scrambling to copy ideas.
6.Brunettes, Rich likes blondes
7.AARP: Rich still works and races hard, no retirement in sight.
8.Whiners: Rich loves what he does and enjoys racing, promoting,  and the customers and spectators he meets.     
9.John Force lost his key guy Austin Coyle, Rich still has his genius Rob VanLiew the best pipe builder and engine porter.
Links   www.dynoport.com       www.benderracing.com   www.shcra.com  www.madscientistcoating.com